Walking my dog on the dusty sandy places outside of the compound, there are all signs of life and its detritus on the ground. I find the shapes and textures quite fascinating as they can tell lots of stories. Forensic scientists would enjoy! I have taken quite a few photos, and this sketch is one section of one, showing the edge of a tyre print impinging on someone’s shoe print. I thought this would be a good basis for this final piece, using a plain sample of calico and melding it to shape.

It was quite a task. Obviously no colour allowed, and I also didn’t want to use wadding, couching, threading wads through, etc either. Purely the calico and some thread. mmm

I used:

1 kantha quilting stiching to form a very random grid across the base and gathered it very very slightly. This looked good (angular) until the next day, when the tuckering had smoothed out a bit and become rounded.


2. So I tried moulding. Brushed with a very light solution of pva and water, and pressed into a sieve with scissor points. Very little impact because of the strong cloth.



3. Moulding again on a bed of coriander seeds, weighted down overnight with my tins cupboard…This was more effective and now the base has ripples and stipples which reflect the sandy ground more vividly.





4. Ridges of the tyre and footprint were formed by folding and finger pressing, stitching just under the edges to hold them upright. This is effective in that it is in relief, and shows shadows and depth.




Review. the end result is crumpled and needs pulling to show the design. It would be stronger to have wadded the folds to make them more of a focus. If I had moulded first, maybe I would not have needed the kantha stitching and gathering?  A finer fabric would have shown the shapes more, and had less secondary movement, perhaps. There is added dimension as the folds move the cloth around to give addition shapes and movement in the design.  I feel there is an exaggeration of the textures in my sample now. Comparing the original sketch and the cloth sample, there is an incredible depth in my fabric, it is changed into another story.