This is quite a small piece that took a lot of time to do, so it is maybe something that would challenge my patience. Or I would have to get faster!

I was trying the strategy in Jean Draper’s book Stitch and Structure, using whipstitch over folds to develop structure in a fabric. It is using a variety of sizes, concentrations of stitches to form shape, tension, line and shadow in the fabric. I did not start with a specific plan but followed how the stitch moved the fabric, and the folds/lines developed. I started with the cream and then the piece encourage me to look for other colours to accentuate the shape, shadow and reflections.

I found the movement and shapes developing very fluid and evocative of natural environments. I can see this in landscape work (of whatever type of medium), or even into portraits, or vegetation…… or more! I was intrigued not only by the lines but also how the spaces were not static, but have tones and shapes in them. It would be good to combine the technique with, for example, the puffs and folds that I practised on the rust-dyed fabric, and to see a larger impact. Mmmm an idea!

I like it very much.  But to be developed after this course is completed or I will never get there!