painting and dying, resist, folding, distressing, threading, pulling, knotting, use of buttons, yarns, varied fabrics




This piece is different to the other choice of fabrics for working with, as I have tended towards the silks I can buy in the souk for their vibrant colours. Here though, I decided to work with plain calico, which I painted with a pva resist, using my SAD marks from earlier markmaking. I then painted with a crimson and an ochre textile paint, and then afterwards laundered it to get the soft faded tones as above. I folded the top and stitched down. I cut into the loop shapes from the resist, and used these as a threading source. For threading, I pulled and manipulated natural and red dyed hessian.  I also threaded some of my precious rust-dyed muslin. I added knots of paper shreds, like straw. Final embellishment was a couple of simple buttons to highlight some of the resist shaping and to add a different texture.

I think this is rather lovely, but I don’t know what I would do with it. It is fragile because of the threaded distressed fibres. The chain stitch is garish, but I left it to show the folding. Overall, it gives a sense of times gone by, to me.  A natural environment?