I chose a piece of fuschia pink indian silk (I think it is taffeta, but the souk shop said it was Indian Silk) to use for gathers, as it is a lovely fabric for seeing changes in colour through reflection, shade and movement. I started with a simple row of straight gathers, as in the row to the left. I left my thread loose so I can play with the strength of the gathers.  Second row was gathers stitched in a zigzag line. This fold the fabric differently, almost ruches. in the bulk of the fabric I gathered in spirals, both directions and pulling concave and convex to see the different effects, and varied the size of the gathers also.  Then I tried small sections of zigzag with spirals to see the effect. It is very interesting for colour changes and I also like the lines that are created, especially when the sample has been weighted down a little. I like the rich variety in the underneath also.