I loved working with this little piece, and spent many happy hours on it! Ok, so this is another of the steps along the way which took too long, and actually, beyond that, caused me to detour and do my own thing for a month, as shown later. I had read in Evolutions from Art Van Gogh about machine stitching fluid rows into double layer of cotton. Then threading through with other colours, some slashing to show the colour threaded and maybe over stitching. This is such a satisfactory, therapeutic process! The blandness of the creamy cotton was a challenge so I then embroidered the machine stitching with a heavy yarn to give definition. Then I slashed some, got excited, and then couched over in a contrasting thread. I was amazed when a shape started to emerge from the strips of scattered colour. I could see the shape of a glass, or goblet.

I was fascinated. If this appears randomly, what would it be like to plan a shape and see if it was more, or less, visible than the random outcome.  What if the fabrics were chosen for effect rather than fortuitously using contrasts of simple v vivid?

My timetable downfall. I got carried away.

I decided to hide a fish shape into layers of deep blue silk, and to fill the lines with random strips of blues, greens and fuschia pinks. I decided to go big. I decided to use silver embroidery thread to couch the slashing. I was going to use beads, maybe a layer of organza over the top. It was my thinking, meditation piece. I spent nearly 6 weeks on it, as it is a very slow process (or I am slow……) and I have not yet added beads or organza.  That must wait for a future time.

An art student has commented very politely that it is mmmmmm, well….. She was decidely unimpressed. Another textile artist friend has said it is ‘proper’, in that she could understand the creative process I had gone through.  I criticise it myself by saying the design is too definite, and it would have been better to be less strong in the original machine stitching, but I am still quite happy with it as a process and the outcome is intriguing.I could have just layered the quilting, rather than threading through. Quicker, a different effect but still acceptable. However, I love the colours glowing through. Not finished though, as I want to hide the fish shape.Perhaps strips of distressed organza? Or maybe I leave it as a process I have worked through as excellent meditative therapy but not the most creative process I have explored in this project.