This was another satisfying piece of work and I love the outcome. The photo does not do it justice.

I saw on a Colouricious video, a technique for layering fabrics, machine stitching in regular lines across the fabric, and then slashing through the strips.  By laundering and tumble drying the end piece, the layers inside fluff up and the threads entangle into a delicious set of layers. I tried with different angles, but still regular lines of stitching, and had some slight differences in width. I used plain cottons, of a variety of colours. I loved the way the colours move up through the ridges and ripple along the fabric. I love that the threads form anaditional layer.  It is rich and warm, I can even imagine wearing something from this texture, although it would be fragile and easily frayed. It would be interesting to use different fabric from cotton, eg silks or polyesters to see how they would react. I did try some layering of organza, I haven’t photoed it really to add here, but it does not have the same depth of structure.