Since earlier stages I had been itching to try rust-dying. Strangely enough there are not many pieces of scraps lying around here for me to use so I went to my favourite place the souk to look for interesting samples. As well as finding some old Yemeni jewellery which I will use for my own project, I picked up tarnished coasters, little cowbells and bead shapes, and with great delight parcelled them up in my vinegar-soaked calico with muslin on top to eek out as much as I could. It was fascinating to see the results and the way the coasters had resisted the rusting and formed circles of clarity in the shades of brown.

I decided to use the circles to place suffolk puffs made from a rich golden brown silk, cartwheeling them with ochre thread.  Then I used wadded puffs or bubbles to pull the fabric together, and it raise interesting soft folds almost like desert ridge pathways.


I really like the effect of all of this. I think in retrospect it would be good to vary the size of the suffolk puffs, and they could form a pebbly base in the valleys. But this was my first time to make them and so it was a discovery that was rather intriguing.