This is a continuation of a theme of Angela doing this course.  Don’t do something straightforward, will you!

I wanted to look at folding and tucking, and used a beautiful indian silk piece I had just found in the souk. I think it is more what I would call taffeta, and it folds and moves with strength and tones of colour. I followed the movement of the tucking into the fabric, and it created a trellis across the fabric.  I should really have stopped there, but it was tantalising. I touched the edges of the tucks with cerise fabric dye, and it created craters, exciting plays of shadow and light, changes in colour.  I thought it would be a brilliant piece to go back to earlier work, and to find different ways through stitching, to fill in the spaces with different textures from different yarns and textures. Hey. so it took a long time!  But I loved doing it. I stitched coils of gold elastic, chains of organza strips, french knots, silver dots, enclosed beads in organza, threaded net with ribbon and sequins. I ended up just stopping as I cold have carried on a long time, and the distraction was getting too much.  But there was much to be observed and learnt from the impact of the varying yarns and fillers in this what became a sea sampler.  It attracts me.