Oh my goodness. Now this is quite a long effort to just upload onto the blog. My Blue Necklace.

IMG_1533                                     IMG_1475

I used the two sketches above to play with shapes, cut them out and played with them on a black background to see a line that looked flowing and delicate.  I was very keen to keep the colours of the ink sketch in the work, and I wanted to completely structure the piece so that everything was created from scratch by me. No appliqued shop-bought fabrics!


First of all I attached and painted the Bondaweb with acrylic paints onto the calico piece. When painted, it appears dark but fades quickly as it dries.




I then cut strips of light grey organza and heatfixed it to the calico.  I then frayed the edges of the organza, and stitched in silver tracery across the strips to give a subtle effect of movement in water.




Next was to start with the beads. I did some free motion embroidery on water soluble film to  add to the build up of the bead fabric. I layered the embroidery onto organza with pieces of silk scraps, sequins and shiny papers etc, fusing them with bondaweb, then cut out to shape.  I had several goes with the purple beads as I had to keep trying to lighten them up.  These are some of the photos of this process.



IMG_2029                                          IMG_2032




IMG_2034                                             IMG_2035




IMG_2036                                           IMG_2037





The silver connecting beads were made from painted tyvek.




I had several goes at placing the beads on my base fabric to my satisfaction and had to go back, make additional beads.  Then I sewed them down onto the base and sewed a few lines of beads onto the surface of my constructed beads.



Still not satisfied, I found some silver string and made up a web from it and bondaweb to place on top of the beads




I sewed the web onto the beads, also adding tyvek pieces I had painted with silver and heated up.  I didn’t take any more photos as I think I was frustrated at not getting the image I wanted.


Anyway, my final piece completed, I am very happy that I tried and worked through the processes to make this a fully created piece. I guess I have gone well beyond the needs of this section of the course study and of course it has taken a long time. I love the background, and I like the flow and shape. I am not happy with the edging of the beads as I find it too much of a contrast aesthetically, between the pastel of the background and the bold of the purple. Perhaps another time I should make everything and then piece it together, so I could see the impact. I worked in stages, so the background was completed before I created the beads. In retrospect, the organza layers would have gone well over the top on the piece. On the other hand, my original drawing was of beads, on an insignificant background. So, this process worked on and developed from the original sketch. Interesting. Loved doing it. Not entirely happy with the outcome