I am loving the playful nature of this part of the course, and my difficulty is really know when to stop and move on to something new. I was new to Tyvek and had a few goes at experimenting. I started by painting the sheet with metallic fabric paints which gave a glossy, rich finish. I lightly stitched it to green satin-cotton, as a flexible material that was a contrasting colour.


Within a few moments of heating the impact was so strong. Rich, lacy, fragile looking  (but very strong) shapes and curves exploded onto the cotton.


I found it very beautiful and intriguing. There are so many ways that it could be used and embellished, but I decided to attach it more firmly to the cotton by jagged bronze yarn stitches, then added metallic beads to the silver and largish french knots in the bronze yarn to the gold.



I then decided to add the whole piece to some indian silk in yellow/red.  It gives a very strong visual impact and to give more sense of light, movement and vulnerability, I frayed and tugged at the silk, pulling out long strips of the yellow weft so that it would show red or yellow in through the slashed green cotton.

I could have worked more, taken out more yellow , shaping with yarns, but this was just a practice so I had to call it a day.

An amazing product and I love the movement and structure, the apparent fragility but it is so strong in texture!