I am in love! There is an amazing euphoria after this morning’s play. I had loved the stark contrast of the bougainvillaea and the allamander pink and yellow in the garden and wanted to try fusing the petals using bondaweb to create textures and colours. The process I chose was to layer white organza with the scattered petals, bondaweb, then a soft layer of angelina fibre, then fusing with white organza again. I expected the colours to change through the process of heating, but am suprised at the amount they have retained. I really love the shapes from the petals – slightly torn, singed, fixed in place and the soft fibrous colour effect from the angelina fibre (hot raspberry). I want to hold it up to the light and enjoy the translucence. It should be lit up, used to soften harsh light.

My strong inclination is not to embellish it with sewing right now. I can see that I could use shades of green thread to trace graceful stems through it, but I really like it just as it is. I think I will use a similar process to add to my final sample for this section, and leave this one to hold up to the light. What fun.

Step 1: Sprinkling petals on white organza

Stage 2: Fixing with Bondaweb

Stage 3: Adding Angelina Fibre



Stage 4: Layering with white organza and fusing – the lovely outcome


Stage 5: Holding up to the window