Bibliography for Part Two


Art Cloth: a guide to surface design for printing. Dunnewold J (2010) Interweave

I bought this a paperback and as an ebook. The paperback is beautiful and clear, very practical and realistic. It was useful to have the ebook though to just browse through when travelling etc, so worth having the two versions.


Berber Women of Morocco, Fondation Pierre Berge (2014)

The absolutely wonderful book which supports the exhibition of the same name, exploring Berber women in history, their arts, personal and home adornments, their labour and their roles, developed by Yves St Laurent and Pierre Berge. The exhibition itself, with its wide range of clothing, jewelry, rugs, cooking and weaving materials vividly drew links between individuality, village, culture and women across the Muslim world. Fascinating and a privilege to see here in Bahrain.


Colour, a workshop for artists and designers , D Hornung

(reviewed separately)


Colour for Painters, A guide to traditions and practice, Al Gury (2010)

(reviewed separately, and found to be inspirational.


The Complete Fabric Artist’s Workshop Susan Stein (2011)

This is a very clear and well-organised book of skills and techniques. Clear illustrations which help clarify some names of items that differ between US and UK and in the shops here in Bahrain. I tried the sunprinting from here, and it was almost completely unsuccessful, but nevertheless I would recommend the book for the clarity of layout and the overview of resource materials. Ebook.


A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery, Beaney J and Littlejohn J (2000) Batsford

I found this book really helpful, clear and inspirational. I know this will be a reference for a long time.


The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques, Judy Martin (2014)

Professional, clear, technical


Je Suis Le Cahier, Picasso P, (1986)

Feel very lucky to have found a copy of this and again it will be a well-thumbed book.


Muslin, a stitched exploration of loose weave fabrics. Fibrefusion (2011)

I loved this book. It is full of examples of practical ideas and guidance for playing with and manipulating soft cottons. Worth having.