This section on taking stock of all my drawings, looking at what worked and didn’t ( oh my attempts at collage…) led me back to the string of blue beads that I had borrowed from a friend. They really felt like unfinished business, that I had not really worked out what had intrigued me with them, how to develop the images further. After pinning up the work, mounting into my folder, I decided to photocopy and enlarge the original study sections:




Seen microscopically, I could see the way the reflections moved in colour and I could see the definition of shades that added depth to the texture of the bead.  I then printed in black and white, to see the effect.




I was intrigued by the depth that comes in the images, and so I cut up the sections and moved them around on paper to see how they showed. I love them as actual items, these photocopied black and white pieces, so simple but with tones moving on the negative space.  I went again to my sketchbook and drew the beads afresh, using a black pen and placing the beads on a white paper this time. Again for me the background, and lines become more important than the colours and the entire necklace. I am fascinated by the play of light.  And so for me, this sketch is still only in the process of studying these beads. I need to work on the shapes, reflections, what moves and stays.