blocks IMG_1524


I found this exercise an intriguing one to play with the squares and the lines, reflecting on the impact of the black intrusion into the white spaces. These examples are only a few to record the differences. The simple positions show static, solid impacts whereas the erratic placements challenge perceptions, they add a challenge and a form of tension into the space. I am interested in this because whenever I have, for example, made displays for classroom boards, or worked on mounting, I can see a reflection of my attitude and intentions. Creativity and desire for quirkiness, individuality have always found me moving shapes to apparently random spots. Sometimes I have gone back to a geometrically sequential symmetry and the impact has been one of stability, showing the content of the space intrusion rather than the base elements.

With the lines I found I was developing more extended concepts of what if, where will this go, more an enquiry and extension. The blocks were an impact on the status, lines a developing concept.  Can’t express this properly, but lines were more appealing to my sense of reflection on life, the environment.  By moving them into sections, random intersections led to thoughts on what will fill the spaces, where did this begin or end.