This is a mixed bag of results, because of my level of skill. I am definitely more comfortable with pencils, inks, pens etc rather than collage and wet media! However it is all a big learning curve and I guess my actual technical skills are slowly improving. I still find it hard to stand back and not see my sketches as they would be done in school with youngsters, and that is a bit salutary! My analysis must be better????

My first sketch here was using oil pastels. I did not want to use a scratch technique, although that would be a possibility with this particular sketch theme. I enjoyed using the pastels as they gave a very strong colour impact, and therefore I could concentrate on the different textures that the tones in pastels could reveal. I found using longer strokes for the smooth petals and a variety of swirls, heavy short marks, showed texture and also colour differences. I also liked not using a pencil to sketch out original shapes but to  just work on it freehand.

Oil Pastels




Oh dear, technical skills with the gouache. However I think the primary colour yellow in smooth strokes is a strong contrast with the layered textures in the secondary colours, and this contrast works to allow the eye to either look at positive or negative shapes in the sketch:







And last but not least, or maybe it is… collage attempt. In my spare time I really need to work on this. I find it hard to go to paper materials for this. I wanted to go to a collection of fabrics, but felt that would be cheating a bit. Anyway, I think the delineation between smooth and rough texture is highlighted. I am embarrassed that this sketch took longer than any other and yet it is so unsatisfactory in skill. It should be a work in progress, as the elements are there, but not skilled. I used paper, ribbons, handmade paper, burlap, wool, tissue paper strands, fine netting.