ornamental cabbage




I found this a helpful process to investigate the properties of an image.  I first drew with water graphite pencils to see the patterns and lines of the plant,then I tried ink pencils to find the colour matches.  This was not good as was my first time for using and I could not/did not mix them well enough to get the colours at all correctly. But at the same time I could see more lines and shapes.  I then used water colour pencils to do a careful sketch ,with colour mixing and trying to match the plant. I am quite please with how some colours became stronger trhough observation. I haven’t added the photo of the original plant here, but it is faded and dusky. I think this exercise went beyond the reality of dustiness to the roots of the colours.  I finished off by mixing with gouache the different shades I had found in the process, and then prepared my bag of yarn and fibre matching.

If I went just from the photo of the plant, these colours would be too vibrant and bold.  But I think it is a process of observing and studying the detail that has brought out the strength.