I am struggling a little with whether writing about visits to exhibitions etc should be about challenging, quality materials, or if my personal response is negative.  I visited the above exhibition with a lot of enquiry and intrigue, having seen such a good exhibition in Saudi itself which had introduced me to  Magni paintings.  This exhibition however was very mixed, and it is difficult to write about in an honest way. It covered a range of media, including some embroidery (as above), 3D, resins, photography and so forth. One set of 3 resin 4 x 2ft sizes were solid resin with layered inside human hair and paints, reminiscent in shape of some Georgia O’Keefe.. It was disconcerting. Very few items had labels with information either about the artist, or a description of meaning, purpose and materials. One piece of work which was strips of black painted wood had a piece fall off while I was there, so the quality of display was not strong.

Some work was interesting. For example, one painter used acrylics to depict a family room, with various people, larger than life, interacting with each other. The door was open into the kitchen and with a very lightly sketched-in shape, which if you looked carefully was the housemaid curled on the floor. Another series of 4 prints showed the change from a petrol pump to a human holding a gun to his head.

It is hard to be evaluative in writing this, so should I just pretend I have not been?