IMG_1105I chose to look at the colours in a carpet in a glossy interiors catalogue, full of striped lines.  It really appeals to me as an object as I seem to be attracted to lines right now (!) and reminds me of some of the mark making in earlier exercises that I finished with the stitching in blue lines at the end of Project 2.

Each exercise seems to give opportunity for eureka moments and the one which I gained from this was how colour changes the longer you look at it and how the environment lighting affects your perception. Yes, I knew this already of course but in this exercise, because there was so much of different colours that get put into patterns and colour shade groups, it was really strong in impact.

I sat in an airy, light environment by the window at 2pm, and investigated the colours closely by holding up to the sunlight, to the shades, with magnifying glass, squinted eye, all ways. My first impact was grey and I could see it in the spots, see it as the tone for the bottom left hand circle of colours, as a base across the page. I was completely confident I had mixed the right tone, and  used it and its variations.  However by the time it was 4 pm, still in bright sunlight (I spent 3and a half hours on this)  I could only see brown. I could see no grey or black anywhere. When artificial light was switched on an hour later it was confirmed again….All the colours had changed to have a base of yellow/brown in them, no black/grey.  What to do??? I decided to leave it as it was a representation of what I had seen, but it really does highlight how saturated with colour the eye becomes and which colours hit your eye first and then are lost.

On reflection the next morning the grey looks completely wrong, yet I know I had chosen and mixed it it so carefully. It is not that my colour mixing got better, it is the eye and the impact of colour that was challenged. Learning point is that when it really matters, look at things in all different lights and settings, in connection with other colour environments. Also yes, of course,  grey was the wrong choice to start with, considering exercise 2 on colour perception. It is not a true colour but is affected by the environment. hmph! now i realise!