This Guild of Master Craftsman Publication, ISBN 078-1-86108-820-8 is an absolutely fascinating book. Described as research of techinques and tools of hand-embroiderers  1900-1939, this book has had quite an impact on me.  I found it, miraculously, amongst some battered books in the only real art materials store that I have found in Bahrain and bought it thinking it would be at least a contribution to my reference books on stitch techniques. It is so much more.

This book, written through biographies and detailed information on stitch techniques of major (and unsung) artists in textile needlework, shows the contribution that women have made to artistic development in the first half of the 20th century. How would the Glasgow School of Art have such an impact on design if women were not leading in applying design ideas to reality? What about the political aspect of what to teach girls in schools? What did the Women’s Institute really achieve?

The book is a wealth of practical information and of course glorious pictures, but beyond that I really found the social history aspect such a revelation.