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This was a study of a pillar candle which had been partly broken up and it showed the different layers and textures in its making.  I found the pencil drawing the most effective to do to really identify the textures and it gave me a look at its line and shape.  The second version was water colour painting over wax crayon drawing. This had a wax resist effect and the use of the wax crayons in different ways was an attempt to show the textures. It is ok. My third attempt was more complicated and I am not sure of the result, except that I can see that I have been more closely working on the texture rather than the colour and I think the lines are perhaps a bit more identified.  I do not like the wick holes however and I think I chose too heavy a paper for that part. I used tracing paper as a base, which I am starting to love. I used textured paper for the wick areas, and two kinds of netting (squared and random) for the edges and the central column, string for the black wicks.  I painted with gouache and highlighted with oil pastels.

I can see progress in my learning and skills, with a sense of achievement that there is an exploration, my pencil skills have improved, and I am eager to use paints. However the collage aspect in rudimentary and I need to be more innovative. I think if I were to carry on I would print textures onto plain paper with a roller (customised to give relief) and perhaps some rubbings , and then just tear into shapes and mount, to explore the depth and the mix of smooth, shiny, dark and light.