These are with 2H, 2B and 4B pencil.

I started off struggling intensely, but then I so enjoyed this. I understood what was the purpose and the point, but to describe emotion rather than texture was a challenge! I spent a long time on this exercise but it was worth it to help me open my mind up to the idea of imagination and sensation, rather than a practical, mathematical representation.

Happy and sharp bad bad bad!!!
first attempts at fast….not impressive

IMG_0853 IMG_0854


I wrote my reflections on these in my sketchbook originally, so am just typing them out now.:

Slow movements encourage a more regular flowing line, almost intensely irritating to move so slowly but the end results are intriguing. The range of pencil pressure increase as the shape became filled and thus the pencil moved over less space. It seems to give a sense of depth. Feeling of tension between and pencil and brain(intention). Pencil seems to develop its own line. It wanted detail and smooth, precise patterns, geometric felt better.

Fast – swift movements, disjointed, felt anger and tension. Do not feel any attraction to the end results.

Smooth – 2H1 need to move pencil fairly quickly and lightly. Long and flowing

2H2 felt the need to cover up the lines with a softer texture so used the side of pencil to shade and then finger rubbing.

2B1 This felt like the wind softly blowing ribbons out into the floating wafting wind

2B2 had the idea of the texture of a comfy leather sofa, crosshatching but using the 2B pencil it changed quickly as the pencil became blunter into a smoother effect. So, it appears patchy.

4B1 I like this. I used a sharp 4 B and used slightly sideways pressure, which allows the flowing line to have depth of texture. It feels smooth, languid, and comfortable.

4B2 circling lines with the side pressure. I do not like this one.

Bumpy – this is a word I feel could be explored againg and again and it was fun to have a start. I think my inspiration for 2H1 was boils or spots on the skin. Single swirly curls starting in the centre from hard pressure to light and easy.

2H2 this didn’t come out as I ahd expected but I had let go and founte I wanted to do random textures, so did horizontal, vertical and dots. I think it is more ROUGH than bumpy.

2B1 is too concentrated and would be more effectively bumpy if it was less organized and if the shapes were in a random, sparse, pattern,

2B2 Just a bumpy line drawn, like rocks and pebbles on a path

4B1 Similar to DH1 but all circles drawn first the softly circled in and deeper marks centred after.

4B2 I was thinking of netting and the sharp roughness of the yarn creating a bumpy texture.

Sad – I enjoyed all these movements/marks, and actually they didn’t feel sad to do, so perhaps they are not right! I felt calm and relaxed, like watching rain falling down the window when you are nicely warm and drinking something hot inside the house. So, not sad then! Perhaps the teardrop lines are better. But I find the lines very peaceful

Sharp – I was struggling with this, hence the arrowheads on one sketch, but then walked in the garden and took closeup photos of the cacti. I was so struck by the mathematical precision of the spikes and they gave me inspiration to redo the pencil marks again, much more effectively I think.

Delicate – these felt happy to do, and of course I was thinking of cobwebs, lace, lightness and floating images. I do not like the flowery one and the web, but the others feel good to me.

Sensuous – how difficult is that to do! I guess I ended up thinking of softness, smoothness and relaxation, no harshness or sharpness.